5 Things You Can Learn About Plumbing Now

Here are a few indications that a water line is experiencing problems: Drop in Water Pressure: As the pipe that brings water into the home, any break or clog in the line will usually result in less water making its way through to fixtures and faucets. Isolated drops in pressure, affecting only one shower head or sink, might indicate a problem with the lines somewhere inside the home, while a uniform drop in pressure that affects the entire home most likely indicates an issue with the the supply line. Higher Water Bills: A very minor leak may not be enough to significantly affect water pressure, but since water is constantly running through the line, it will lead to substantial waste over time. If water bills are consistently higher than normal and the usual culprits (leaky faucets, damaged sprinkler systems, etc) have been eliminated, it may be time to inspect the main water line. Pools of Water in the Yard: Ranging anywhere from a wet patch of unusually vibrant grass to a muddy fountain springing up from nowhere, this is the most obvious (and serious) indication of a water line break (or if it’s accompanied by a foul stench, a sewer line break ). Even if water pressure within the home isn’t seriously affected, this Gordontheplumber.com Willowbrook IL Dupage County problem should be addressed immediately. Water seeping into the soil around the pipe will gradually loosen it and turn the yard into a swampy morass. In addition to driving water bills through the roof, the mud is an ideal breeding ground for insects and can lead to more serious problems with the home’s water supply. Contaminated Water: Cracks and breaks in a water line can allow dirt and debris to flow into the water moving on to the house.


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Description: This recall involves three Liquid Plumr clog removing products, sold in 17 ounce bottles that are about 9 inches tall. The bottles have the Liquid Plumr logo and the name of the product on the front. Liquid Plumr products included in the recall are: Liquid Plumr Industrial Strength Urgent Clear The UPC code is printed in the lower left corner on the back of the bottle. Only bottles manufactured before March 22, 2016 are included in this recall. Incidents/Injuries: The Clorox Company has received 8 reports of the child-resistant bottle caps not working as intended and 221 reports of the bottles leaking. No injuries have been reported. Sold at: Dollar General, Family Dollar, HEB, Home Depot, Kroger, Lowe’s, Meijer, Publix, Rite-Aid, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and other dollar, grocery, hardware and mass merchandise stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com, Drugstore.com and Quidsi.com from January 2012 through May 2016 for between $3 and $5. Distributor(s): The Clorox Company, of Oakland, Calif. Contact us at this toll-free number if you have questions about a recall: Times: 8 a.m.


It holds them through such innovations as The Sunshine Club, an annual maintenance agreement in which The Sunny Plumber techs inspect all fixtures, check the pressure on lines, do recommended maintenance on the water heater, and flush drains. The agreement promises two drain clean-outs each year and a camera inspection whenever a snake is deployed to clear a line. Sometimes these inspections generate additional plumbing work, sometimes not. “If the house is in good shape, we’re going to tell the homeowner so,” Eisenhauer says. “If there are issues, we are going to say this is what you have going on. If you don’t want it fixed, fine. If something is not quite up to specs or is getting corroded, we will suggest a fix to avoid flooding because each inspection is really about flood prevention.” Annual inspections are not original to The Sunny Plumber, except for the drain check and clearing, but are an increasingly popular feature: Eisenhauer says the company is signing up 100 to 150 Sunshine Club members each month. Fees for the plumbing maintenance do not vary with the size of a property. The service is reserved for residential customers, which constitute the bulk of the company’s customer base. Another feature of the customer-centric culture is a guarantee of 100 percent customer satisfaction. That sounds like a pie-in-the-sky promise, given the wide-ranging expectations of homeowners regarding service.


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