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It’s all about reputation.” The company’s reputation is good enough to have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Eisenhauer believes people are afraid to call plumbers and other service technicians for fear of being victimized. With the 100 percent guarantee, potential customers know they have some recourse when things go wrong. “When people know that, they are more willing to let you do work for them. Most customers will let you work through problems until it’s right.” He adds that he has no evidence that potential customers try to game the system by feigning dissatisfaction. Eisenhauer’s office is in Las Vegas. From there, he closely supervises the activity of the company in its four locations. He accomplishes this mostly through weekly conference calls, but specific management issues that crop up at any of the locations are addressed the same day in real time. Besides offering competitive salaries to its 42 employees, Eisenhauer says the company offers a team atmosphere in which colleagues “can jell and help each other out in the field.


This isn't your average vacuum. The cordless aspect of this vacuum makes it so easy to bring around the house, while the V10 motor is the most powerful suction of any cordless vacuum, according to the manufacturer. The device can clean for 60 minutes before it needs to be recharged, has a wall-mounted recharging station, quickly transforms to a handheld and is acoustically engineered to absorb vibrations and dampen sound, to keep things quiet no matter what time of day you're sucking up dirt! When you're not deep cleaning but want something that can keep up with day-to-day dirt, what's better than a robotic vacuum? The Ecovac Robotics Deebot OZMO 930 is a robotic vacuum and mop combo that can recognize the type of surface it is operating on. The OZMO mopping technology features an electronically-controlled water pump, sensors that monitor water flow, plus controls to stop the flow to ensure consistent cleaning. There's also the Smart Cleaning Path technology and interchangeable suction inlet that makes sure all rooms are cleaned of dirt and dried liquid. The device even features laser-based navigation, which allows the robot to learn and continuously adapt to your home for optimum cleaning. Can you really change your life and have a smart home without a smart TV?! Sony's Z9D High Dynamic Range Smart TV is the cream of the crop.


Different Kinds Of Sump Pumps Different types of sump pumps are needed for different basements. That is why it’s so important to choose the right pump carefully that will work well. The following are seven different kinds that you can choose from for your basement. 1. Primary pumps have been designed for moving gallons of water that have flowed in from the rain to outside of your basement. 2. A submersible primary pump isn’t quiet when it is running but there is a reduction in noise level since the impeller and motor work underwater. Throughout a downpour this kind of pump works smoothly. 3. A pedestal pump has been designed to be used in a small basin that is installed within a narrow pit.


In addition, bones and fibrous foods should be thrown away or composted. Moving to the bathroom, what should we steer clear of? During the holidays bathroom facilities are taxed with additional traffic and usage. Annual maintenance to clear any build-up can often prevent major toilet clogs and avoid the spread of infectious waste in the bathroom. Also, stay away from using chemicals to try and clear blockage as this rarely remedies a clogged line and can damage your pipes. If a plunger doesn’t clear the clog, turn to the pros. What to be mindful of with water heaters? The arrival of cooler weather raises caution for water heaters. Cold air causes expansion and contraction in water heaters and in older units, fractures can occur resulting in failure – which usually leads to flooding.


Posting compelling content on a regular basis is crucial to the success of using social media for plumbing marketing. Every day people login to their social media accounts with the intent of consuming content. When using social media for plumbing is it important to get in the habit of posting content on a regular basis. It should be as frequently as possible, several times a week, if not every day. It is also important to embrace different types of content; from blogs, videos, images, memes, infographics, short video clips, live video streaming, and stories , its all relevant these days. And for each type of content there is a consumer waiting to eat it up! Posting regularly and diversifying the type of content is part of forming good habits when using social media for plumbing marketing. Part of a successful social media strategy, is growing the network. The more visibility achieved, the more traffic generated, and the more conversions. It is important to actively seek new followers on a regular basis. Perhaps once a week, take time to search for new followers that meet your target audience.

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